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Mission of Param Mitra Manav Nirman Sansthan
The Mission of our Society is as under :-
  • To set up institutions of excellence defined by its core values-dedicated to search for truth, nurture and environment which encourages team spirit and innovation among the faculty, staff and students and be excellent in all its activities in instruction, research and service to the community.
  • To generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting edge research and to promote academic growth, by offering state-of-the-art UG and PG programs.
  • To identify regional and global need areas of specializations and focus on their growth.
  • To develop the Institution with a global perspective to provide opportunities to students and staff to have links with other institutions across the borders, and strengthen its capacity to perform its national and international roles consistent with its resource base.
  • Emphasize especially on value-oriented education, India’s heritage, spiritual values and an understanding of national history in the context of global developments and aim a total personality development of its students.
  • A suitable mechanism to locate and support talented and gifted students.
Vision Of Param Mitra Manav Nirman Sansthan
    Param Mitra Manav Nirman Sansthan has been founded by an eminent philanthropist Ch. Mitter Sen Sindhu with the vision that education should liberate human being from the shackles of ignorance, privation and misery. He stresses that education should be rooted in Indian reality and its composite culture. Education has to play a dual role of being conservative and dynamic bringing about of fine synthesis between change-oriented technologies and continuity of Indian cultural tradition.
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