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Mechanical Engg. - Laboratories
A Scientific Temperament is the most vital dimension of a sound engineering professional exposed to the students in various laboratories. The field of Mechanical Engineering has widest applications in industry specially manufacturing industry. The Department is contributing its best to train the brains and hands with the aid of well qualified and experienced faculty and ultra-modern laboratories. Basics of thermal engineering, Strength of Material Lab, Kinematics of Machines Lab , Fluid mechanics lab , Dynamics of Machine Lab and production Technology are instilled in the by using models and charts. We focus on developing overall orientation towards the manufacturing industry and frequent industry visits, trainings and guest lectures by prominent industry experts are very common at IIET.

Workshop is the central facility for imparting training to the students of all branches of Ist Year B.Tech in various shops. Training is also imparted to Mechanical Engineering students in the subject of Manufacturing Process. Students of all branches use workshop facilities for fabrication of their minor and major projects. Our Institute has got an up-to-date workshop where students from all the streams can get individual exposure on basic mechanical processes in following various shops :

Machines shop
Machine shop houses lathes, drilling machines, power hacksaw, bench grinders etc. along with their respective attachments and tools.

Fitting shop
Here the students are given filing, marking, punching, blanking and metal cutting experiences with adequate tools.

Carpentry shop
This shop has planers, hacksaws and other carpentry tools.

Welding shop
It is equipped with gas-welding sets and arc welding sets along with all the necessary tools.

Foundry shop
It consists of various patterns, sand preparing and mould preparing equipments. Students learn, how to make the products using Casting process.

Sheet Metal Shop
In this shop students are to work on the sheet metal (galvanized iron) with the help of various types of the hammers, anvil etc.

Smithy Shop
Here the students are given marking and bending experiences with adequate tools.

2. Thermodynamics Lab
In this lab students have to study about various boilers, their mountings and accessories, other energy and Thermal experiments.

3. Strength of Material Lab
This lab is equipped with Various load testing machines as well as Hardness testing machines.

4. Kinematics of Machines Lab
In this lab, students have to study different forces that apply on the body and transmission of motion with belts and pulley.

5. Fluid mechanics lab
This lab is equipped with various flow measurement devices and various theorems of fluid are verified in this lab.

6. Dynamics of Machine Lab
In this lab students have to deal with practical implementation of clutch, brake and gears mechanism.

7. Production Technology Lab
This lab is equipped with various machines i.e. milling, lathe, shaper, drill , cutting and different welding M/Cs and students learn about gear cutting and welding processes.
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