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Electrical Engineering Department - About Department
The department offers a B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering with an annual intake of 66 students.. The curriculum of the four-year B.Tech degree course in Electrical Engineering is a theoretical and practical course, with industrial exposure.

Career Potential
Our graduates will have the basic experimental, design and communication skills needed either to continue on to the graduate level or to pursue careers in an extremely diverse field including government and industrial sectors, with job responsibilities in research, design, development, and operations.

Electrical engineers work in companies that are developing :
  • Computers
  • Semiconductor integrated circuits and devices
  • Telecommunications systems
  • Aerospace and aviation systems
  • Imaging techniques
  • Sensors
  • Wireless networks
  • And that's just a start. More and more of the objects in our world are powered by electrical engineers.
Numerous local, national and international high-tech companies offer excellent career opportunities for electrical engineers.

Majoring in Electrical Engineering
IIET offers an innovative undergraduate program leading to a bachelor’s degree. The design- and project-oriented program integrates concepts, analysis, design and development of tomorrow’s electrical systems. You will have “learning-to-learn” experiences in projects that are taught jointly by industry and university personnel. This active learning emphasizes knowledge and skills so that you can solve real-world electrical engineering problems. Your education will include a one-year sequence of business and marketing courses to enhance the global outlook for your profession, to ensure that you will have an opportunity to solve multidisciplinary engineering problems by working in teams, and to develop effective oral and written communication skills.

  • To be a centre of excellence in Electrical Energy Systems.

  • Mission
  • Empowering students and professionals with state-of-art knowledge and Technological skills.
  • Enabling Industries to adopt effective solutions in Energy areas through research and consultancy.
  • Evolving appropriate sustainable technologies for rural needs.

  • Objectives :
    The Department is pursuing academic activities with the following goals and objectives:
    • Further up-gradation and technological modernization of infrastructural facilities.
    • Encouraging teaching innovations through audio visual aids, computer interfaced projection etc.
    • Channelizing expertise of faculty in the direction of
      1. Computer Aided Design
      2. Real Time Control and related data acquisition systems and microprocessor based instrumentation.
      3. Development of application software.
    • Testing and Consultancy
    • Training the undergraduate students towards entrepreneurship in consonance with liberalization and privatization policies of the Government.
    • Developing energy efficient, environment – friendly electrical technologies as per the direction of Department of Science and Technology for 21st century

    Electrical Engineering Students Association ("Spark Club")

    The Electrical Engineering Student Association (EESA) represents current students within the Electrical Engineering Dept. at I.I.E.T, kinana. Our goal is to organize social aments. We organize social events, host talks by guest speakers and students, and help communicate with the department and the Students.
    Aims and Objectives
    • To further the knowledge and awareness in the field of Electrical Engineering through meetings, discussions, quizzes and the like.
    • To create a spirit of brotherhood and co-operation amongst the members of the Association.
    • To develop leadership and initiative, and to inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst the members of the Association.
    Summer Project Allocation Scheme
    Every year there are many students who are keen in doing some research work. Summer Vacations of around 2 months provides ample time to dive into the wonderful world of research.
    Last year the Electrical Engineering Students Association (EESA) has taken initiative to bring out all the available projects in the department to one platform. We wish to continue the Summer Project Allocation scheme for 2nd and 3rd year UG students of our department for the summers '11. The system aims at the distribution of the projects based on the matching interests of the professor and the student.
    We would like to thank all the faculty members for their support towards this initiative.
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